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Why is having a professional Headshot or Business ...

Why is having a professional Headshot or Business Portrait photograph so important?

It’s an exciting time for small businesses, with many entrepreneurs leaving behind their boring day job to persue the dream of running their own successful business. With the digital age well & truly upon us a strong online presence is an absolute must – however, it’s not only your services or products that are part of your brand but so are YOU. A phrase I heard someone say a few years ago stuck in my head & it is one I quote often – “people buy people” & as cheesy as it is, the saying that a picture paints a thousand words is especially true for profile photo’s or business portraits. As a Birmingham based Professional Headshot Photographer I travel throughout both the West Midlands & the UK capturing Modern, Stylish Headshots.

Take LinkedIn, which is fantastic for anyone wishing to connect with another business & to advertise their services. It’s a professional site which allows you to promote your skills, qualifications & employment history. However, I still get amazed when I see the amount of people with awful & inappropriate profile photographs not to mention those that don’t even HAVE one at all! It’s a fact that you will get 7 times more page views if you have an up-to-date profile photo, a stastistic that is paramount if you are looking for employment or you are selling a professional service. There are many ‘fake’ & spam Social Media profiles that are created purely to collect information & sell sub standard products & with no photo on your profile recruiters will instantly pigeon hole you into this category. Uploading a camera phone selfie that is dark or blurred, a photo of yourself tipsy in a bar on holiday or a photo of your pet cat is not the best way to project a professional image. These kind of images are best kept for your personal Facebook timeline & investing in a professionally captured headshot will provide you with one of the best visual marketing tools out there. It will help people CONNECT with YOU because a professional photograph will convey your personality & bring consistency throughout your whole online profiles including Twitter, Facebook & Google+.

When I was booked to photograph local MP’s it was important the Headshots were modern & had great connection. They needed to reflect the core values of the political party & also look great across a plethora of marketing & media platforms. They were used on various leaflets, posters, press campaigns & Social Media sites. The images actually helped to give them a ‘brand’ & they really did stand out from the dated & cheesy ‘white background’ style images that other MP’s in the area were using:


A Headshot doesn’t have to be boring & choosing a photographer that has a style that fits your brand is very important. When Phil first approached me to take a Headshot of him we chatted in detail about the type of image he wanted & what message he wanted to convey. I always get to know my clients first & part of the consultation process involves discussing clothing choices, how comfortable they feel in front of the camera, how formal or informal they want to be represented. Phil is a talented pen & ink artist & his first specification was that he wanted the image to be in black & white as this fitted with his brand. The image was to be used in his online profiles & also on the ‘About Me’ page of his website. Phil chose me as his photographer after noticing my Editorial style of portraiture:


Many people also upload a photo from years ago simply because ‘I had a bit of a tan then’ or ‘I like my smile in that one’ but your business profile should be the most up to date image of yourself, not one from 10 years ago. Going back to my phrase above that ‘”people buy people” a current photograph can be hugely beneficial if you attend business networking events & conferences as people DO recognise you. A professional photograph that conveys approachability, confidence, warmth & likeability is a powerful asset & will most definitely help you to stand above your competitors or attract future employers. When your potential customers or employees see that you have taken the time to invest in a photographer they will take you much more seriously. A ‘wow’ profile photograph will look a billion times more professional than that selfie of you with the girls in Ibiza from 5 years ago

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