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Location Portrait Photography with Brodie & t...

Location Portrait Photography with Brodie & the Profoto B1

Photographing Brodie was an absolute pleasure. Not only was he a fantastic model who looked great, but it also meant I got to use my favourite lighting system – the Profoto B1. Previously when I got commissioned to undertake Location Portraits I either had to use speedlights, which have limited power output & flash recycle times or I ended up lugging huge studio lights & bulky power packs around. The Profoto B1 system is 10 times more powerful than a speedlight, it’s portable & completely cordless. Used in conjunction with the Profoto Air Remote I can control power output & activate the modelling light of the B1’s all from my camera. This is a huge game changer on location & enables me to effortlessly capture a variety of images like the ones here, where I also used the Profoto OCF Beauty Dish to modify the light.