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Headshots & Portraits for Social Media & Website Profiles

Professional Headshots always stand out on Social Media sites like LinkedIn & are an absolute must if you want to present a professional yet approachable image. Yet when many people think of a Headshot or Business Portrait they automatically associate it with something that’s stuffy & old fashioned. My style of photography is very modern yet full of connection & personality & that’s exactly what attracted Kate to my work.

She got in touch to book a location session with me as she needed new Social Media profile images. The consultation stage is hugely important as not only does it build the connection, but it helps me to find out where the finished images will be used & what profession my subject is working in. This is very important as it dictates the particular ‘style’ of the Headshots & Kate was looking for something that wasn’t too formal as she is very much involved with the Woodland Trust & a lot of her work involves working outdoors. I visited her at a local farm where I captured a mixture of colour & black & white images, concentrating on connection & great lighting. Kate was warm & friendly & this is what I wanted to portray in her images.

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