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Matt’s Transformation – Documentary Po...

Matt’s Transformation – Documentary Portrait Photographer

I always like to pursue Personal Photography Projects to work on in between Commercial & Corporate Commissions. This freedom & creativity, away from the constraints of Client briefs is hugely important in my development as a Documentary Portrait Photographer. I had met Matt various times on Birmingham’s vibrant Gay Village & really wanted to photograph him. Instead of just taking ‘Promo’ photographs with all the glitz & the glamour I wanted to do something more – I wanted to tell a visual story. I’ve always been fascinated by the backstage theatre images you see of performers cramped together in small back rooms. Clothes everywhere, feather boa’s hung from picture frames & make-shift coat hooks. Tables strewn with make-up & nerves gently kicking in as curtain-up approaches. Gritty, documentary but above all compelling.

Matt was fantastic to work with & I explained my vision – less posed, more storytelling. I wanted to capture a truth. The room as it was, no tidying up. Matt as he was transforming – no airbrushing & no apps. From the quiet softly spoken person to the out going DJ, performer & Host. We sat, we chatted & listened to Bette Midler. Right in front of me I saw an amazing transformation & it was a huge honour to capture that with my camera.